Friday, July 3, 2009

Everyday sort of Italian Fug

Giada is a bobble-head who looks like a troll and bugs almost everyone. She wasn't so bad in the early days when she was sweet and shy but now...her cockiness combined with her ugliness and annoying mannerisms is just unbearable!!

I have noticed a lot of people are agreeing lately... a post from another Giada hating blog:

Elsie Says:
Giada is a talentless TV clown who flashes her cleavage, hoping to detract attention from her oddly short flipper-like arms. Has anyone else noticed her strange, stumpy arms? Those flailing stumps combined w/ her her big bobble-head, hooky nose, & enormous teeth are enough to give one the creeps. She should be in a sideshow.
Ged Says: One thing is for sure. Of all the posts I’ve written thus far, this one about Giada has engendered the most, shall we say, interest. She really does seem to get on many people’s nerves, I just don’t get why the Food Network sticks with her.